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Thanks to the continuous developments of high-throughput experimental technologies since the Human Genome Project, it is now a routine task to determine the genome sequence of an organism or an environmental sample that contains multiple organisms. However, it still remains a challenging task to understand biological meanings encoded in the genome, especially for the benefit of society. The KEGG resource is being expanded to meet the needs of translational bioinformatics, helping the research community for translating research results into practical applications and helping society for better understanding of scientific basis of diseases and drugs.
Translational Bioinformatics
Helping to make findings, especially
knowledge gained from big data,
useful for practical applications
Personalized medicine
SocietyHelping to understand scientific
basis of diseases and drugs of
personal interest
Participatory medicine

Integrated database linking genomes to phenotypes, diseases and drugs

KEGG MEDICUS is developed in this project as a translational bioinformatics resource for bringing the genomic revolution to society. Genome sequencing has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, notably in personalized medicine using personal genome information and in combating infectious diseases using pathogen genome information. We accumulate knowledge on antimicrobial resistance linked to characteristic gene variants and gene sets in pathogen genomes, as well as on drug-drug interactions and drug response integrated with genomic information.

Integrated resource of genomes, phenotypes, diseases and drugs       
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KEGG MEDICUS is supported by the Life Science Database Integration Project of the National Bioscience Database Center in Japan.
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